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Services???    We Move Pianos!

We believe in working smarter, not harder. That is why most of our moves are accomplished by utilizing a dedicated piano moving machine, the Pianolift2. There are currently only 12 of these machines in the country. Any size grand or upright, the Pianolift2 will gently and safely accomplish your move without the risk of drop, shock or scratch. It is easier to see it in action than to explain.


Unlike other companies which rely solely on man power, needing 3 guys or more, many of our grand piano moves for us only require a single person, but usually have two for the extra set of eyes. This is how we can keep a higher level of care and control on every move we make. 


After seeing piano movers move pianos for my wife, who is a piano technician and teacher, along with moving a couple of pianos for her myself, I thought there has to be a better way. After long hours of research, talking to professionals in the fields of piano sales, service and moving, along with applying knowledge I have from my years as a truck driver and transportation safety manager, On Track Piano was born. Safety and reliability have become the cornerstone of our relationships with our customers.  

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